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Business-to-Business Sales Faculty/Staff

Our faculty members are experienced professionals who challenge and mentor students. They bring a variety of research interests to their teaching — email or call them to learn more.

Name Phone E-mail
All phone numbers begin with (651) 690- unless noted.
Mary U. Henderson
8876 muhenderson@stkate.edu
Craig Roger
Associate Professor
8874 caroger@stkate.edu
Nancy Haas
Office Manager
6616 njhaas@stkate.edu
Vickie L. Allen
Department Co-Chair
Assistant Professor
8875 vlallen@stkate.edu
Gregory Di Novis
Associate Professor
8873 gbdinovis@stkate.edu
Faye Larson
Department Co-Chair
Assistant Professor
CPA, inactive
6962 folarson@stkate.edu
Sarah Rand
Department Co-Chair
Assistant Professor
6986 sjrand@stkate.edu